Monday, March 21, 2011

Ideas and Unfinished Business


The Week After

              This past weekend was busy for us over at SIUE, our Open House Demos brought in quite a few people and all of us had a great time. Above are some images of us printing posters, Todd Anderson giving demos, our visiting artist Phil Sanders giving a talk, and my favorite image- the generational line of printmaking right on down to me.  Bob Malone (a founder of the printmaking program at SIUE) is pictured with his former MFA student Jennifer Basile (who was my undergraduate professor) who sent me out to study under Todd Anderson who is currently the chair.  Overall, the conference was a whirlwind of people that I hadn't seen in some time and meeting new printmakers and seeing more prints together than I have ever seen in my whole life-

     Now that it is over, I get to use the energy from the conference in the classroom with my Intro students and get back in the studio to work on some new sculptural projects I have in mind.  Today I will get to sit in on a monotype demo and mess around with my studio mate Jessi Cerutti in the lab. It is a good life, even on a Monday morning.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Invariable Autonomies

1. Knights of the Round table (regarding the loss of guinenevere)  -sculpture
2. Ya Tu Sabe?  -acetone transfer, drawing, and woodcut